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Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man
Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez

part 5 of 13

Translated by
Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

And now you’re going to ask: “What has the will to do with all this and what is it that has exactly to be moved?”
The will, or more precisely, its activity, is one of the two above mentioned possibilities to experience, to know, to learn the use of its mechanisms and processes nature has predisposed for man.
However, let’s go back for just a moment to our previous statements.

We told you that emotions would generate uncontrollable energy (excluding completely our will). Certainly, emotivity might be repressed and withheld, but this unleashes uncontrolled and unconscious actions regarding our thoughts and hence, it contributes to the creation of the so-called instinctive states of mind and thus, it patronizes an abnormal production of harmful energy for the psyche and the physical body.
All this causes a disadvantage to the natural harmony, the equilibrium, the flow and reflow of the natural psychical energy (just like nature has foreseen rhythm and harmony regarding cardiac, aspiratory and expiratory movements for heart and lungs).

The states of mind created by the mental elaboration of emotions agitate the solar plexus, hence inducing it to produce energetic discharges comparable to a short-circuit, i.e. a black out of an electric power plant.

If mind intervenes by measuring and soothing these forces formed inside the plexus which are real neuro-electric discharges, these forces organize and transform themselves into real and proper energies capable to pass through a certain network and to accomplish an equilibrated work according to the physical needs of the body.

On the other hand, if mind intervenes by producing useless and uncontrolled thoughts, the created forces get into chaos, hence they provoke even more chaos during their haphazard passage.
The energy liberated by this passage accomplishes a useless work. Furthermore this energy meets and creates considerable “obstacles” by which the energy blocks itself and determines an overcharge as well as, on the other hand, a failing of the passage through the above mentioned network.

In a nutshell: DISEQUILIBRIUM.

And now, finally, we have arrived to the point, at least partially, of defining one of the primary tasks of the will and the fundamentally important target man must reach in order to achieve his physical and psychical well-being.

Thus, the capacity to use the will-force in this sense is part of observing and studying those behaviors which can be educated by applying a perspective not yet sufficiently and profoundly studied and known, but which certainly will give you a waster insight to this argument which we are trying to clarify in our next publication.

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