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Studies and Researches on Man

SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man
Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez

4th part

Translated by
Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

A man who, since childhood, has been living in a tranquil and serene family milieu, naturally has less difficulties in facing the problems that may appear. However, it’s also true that the serenity of people mainly depends on the way of realizing their own correct behavior in life.

Man hasn’t achieved yet the precise knowledge about the consequences his body and mind endure due to any event or minimal contrariety; furthermore man is not conscious of his possibilities to activate mechanisms and processes which nature has prearranged “ad hoc” in order to avoid long-lasting, unpleasant and wearing consequences for body and mind.

First of all man reacts emotionally to events and it is well-known that emotional states are tightly connected to the nervous system, above all, to the vegetative nervous system: in human medicine there is a field called psycho neurophysiology where exactly the relation of emotions and nervous system is studied.
But, what are emotions? What do they unleash in man and according to what kind of psychodynamic processes does this happen?
What does this mean and what implies the fact that humanity is generally moved by emotions, and reacts to events first of all emotionally?

It means that man is quarry of his state of mind: anxiety, fear, passion, ambition; confuse desires maintain the natural vibrations of man’s emotions in continuous movement.
These uncontrolled vibrations or energies which emerge from the mental energetic activity, unleashed and sustained by emotivity, are transferred to the physical body by means of the nervous system. The solar plexus is the center of expressions and emotions from where the above mentioned forces derive and where they are produced – the irrational and instinctive brain - which often succeeds in prevailing by a “disorganized” organization of energies.

It often happens that whatever is not perceived and registered as thought on a rational level will be captured and stored by the solar plexus. Sometimes however, at least we think so, rational analyses are made and refused but this produces static energy in the solar plexus. This causes heavy blocks which – when unconsciously retained – cannot be removed by will force because since some time they have been received and formed.

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