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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship Part 9 of 35

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez

Part 9 of 35

Translated by

Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

It's an indispensable initial condition that each member of a spiritual group
possesses the acquired capacity, thus to be steady, to reach a good
psycho-physical relax, i.e. the binding, unique preparation, always understood
in a psycho-physical manner, in accordance with the important and responsible
work which all members intend to realize together.
I know quite well that those of you interested in this topic, but influenced by
the previous lecture of books treating this argument and where it was described
as "easy to handle", will reasonably object to this by saying that we
spiritualists tend to complicate things. However, this is not the case!
Observing, studying and achieving a profound knowledge of the universal human
being took and will take us even more to science, particularly to spiritual
science, which offers us the objective target to research and discover unknown
aspects of man himself and the laws he is subject to, as well as the
consciousness that in the interior and environmental universe constituted by
man, gravitate energies which we need to study in order to know, distinguish and
handle them.
This is necessary to avoid the dangers, thus we must learn to direct and ward
off their power.
The thought of man himself is a power, a potentiality which is still to be
discovered and we will learn how important it is to direct this power of
thought, considering the kind of work we want to talk about.
There is a profound and subtle paradoxum in the center of man's life experience.
The main part of humanity thinks that the physical-material world is the reality
of the world itself. People think of stones, water, the human body and its
bone-structure, as well as of objects formed of solid certainty when they
consider the real world.

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