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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship Sixth Part

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez
Sixth Part

Translated by
Brunhild Miriam Bertotto

Spiritual science can and must make use of the "golden bridges" offered by the
psychological and physical knowledge, in order to prevail as a science and to go
beyond the frontiers, establishing itself on the bases of the targets already
reached by other sciences.
Everything Spiritual Science handles must result explainable in the domain of
the material universe.
The so-called "paranormal" phenomena belong to the nature of this world but are,
at the same time, not yet explainable by physics. They follow the laws in the
same way as are followed the existing laws, the well-known laws of nature, but
despite the progresses made in various scientific teachings, for the present
these laws are still unknown.
Given the fact that yet much is known of nature, wouldn't it be logical trying
to deduce something still unknown from something already known and widely

Let's come back to the sympathetic nervous system, which we have defined to be
the vehicle or linchpin available for the essence of the individual in order to
transmit different kinds of energetic information or messages: a minor
irritation, a minor disequilibrium of this complex organ cannot have any other
consequence than a falsification of the above mentioned messages.

We have already hinted before at "educable" nervous mechanisms, hence, at
mechanisms susceptible to voluntary variations. Man possesses the faculty to
maintain his own nervous system in almost perfect equilibrium, thus becoming the
master of his own emotional reactions and the "mechanist" in charge of the good
condition of his own "engines".
This may allow him to rediscover and acknowledge forgotten natural mechanisms,
based on the perfect functioning of the available vehicles of the spirit.

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