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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship Part 7 of 35

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship
Dr। Vasconcelos Perez

Part 7 of 35

Translated by

Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

Thus, the incarnated spirit is completely subject to the physique but also the
spirit casually or voluntarily free of more serious bonds is able to surrender
momentarily to such vehicle, spirits are by now released of their material, but
are willing to transmit various types of energetic information. Here you are,
for the human being, the voluntary, constructed, and consciously accepted
possibility of being the material medium, i.e. the voice for those who have no
voice anymore, the arm for those who don't have arms anymore, but want to
contribute with their help to the well-being and the " knowledge" of humanity.
The faculty of being a spiritual medium isn't a gift, but it's a capacity
strived for, educated, willfully pursued, and therefore accessible to everybody,
a capacity to make available a balanced linchpin, which perfectly works for the
benefit of mankind.
In order to reach this target, it is necessary to acquire a profound knowledge
of man, his behaviors, the causes that bring man to more or less light physical
or psychical disequilibria, which may impede an equilibrated activation of this
A long-lasting, troublesome physical work on behalf of the man/woman who wants
to place himself/herself at disposal is required, and also of the persons who
are to be at his/her side in order to help, support and protect him or her.
The mechanisms of spiritual mediums are simple, but they can only be carried out
if the conditions which were foreseen in the natural outline, but had been
canceled, will be recreated.
The spiritual contact with a different level, the interchange of communication
need precise environmental, physical and mental conditions which can be realized
only by a serious and determined commitment on behalf of group of persons
gathering exactly for this purpose.
It might seem some kind of weird to talk about "education" in order to reach the
foresaid conditions already existing in nature; however one has to be conscious
of the fact that the possibilities which can help to recreate these forgotten
conditions are mechanisms a man/woman can only require by fighting with
himself/herself and against his/her own behaviors.

The first conquest man can made is to reach the mental composure by controlling,
managing and externalizing his own thoughts. When a thought instead of being
dynamic is repeatedly static, closed as a circle without exit or a labyrinth, it
creates a state of agitation in the mind which reverberates a knock-on to the
whole body as we have already tried to explain above.

And here we are, the linchpin, the means by which the incarnated spirit can
express itself and through which the discarnated spirit can communicate his
thoughts, is already in disequilibrium.
Next time we will talk in a more detailed manner about the necessary
psycho-physical preparation for a good medium, about the importance to form a
group of spiritual mediums, about the repeatable creation of environmental
conditions considering magnetic and vibratory fields, about the various ranges,
always on the level of spiritual vibrations, which we must learn to recognize in
order to be able to initiate a labor of mutual aid.

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