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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship-Fifth Part

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez
Spiritual Mediums
Dr. Vasconcelos Perez
Fifth Part

Translated by
Brunhild Miriam Bertotto

Therefore also the power-mechanisms of spiritual mediums come under these
observations and studies.
Let's begin by presuming that a spiritual personality represents the essence of
the individual, so it will be necessary that this spiritual personality makes
use of certain vehicles of expression available for man's machinery, in order to
emerge, to express himself, and to act.
This brief example is meant to explain the above: several organs contribute to
gather the language information; they send all information indispensible for
elaborating voice, words and language, to the cerebral cortex.
They represent the so-called "retroaction" , regulating automatically the
function of the effector organs (a mechanism which keeps going the main part of
human functions, as cybernetic has already shown).
Hearing is the most important organ of information for oral expression, and if
this aural organ doesn't work sufficiently, a spontaneous development of human
communication becomes very difficult.
The sympathetic nervous system is the vehicle which the embodied spiritual
personality disposes of, and which is able to transport and transmit the
energetic impulses (because it reads them) to the seat of consciousness.
The energetic impulses operate directly through those nerves, regulating the
various organic functions, and indirectly through the modification of internal
secretions, which are subject to mechanisms unleashed by emotions or by a simple
The value of psychological studies can't be denied and they are irreplaceable
for the knowledge of the human psyche, however, those studies don't represent
the unique trace of research to reach a knowledge about man we are unaware of
until now, but which is based on laws that fall into the fields of microphysics.

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