Samstag, 12. September 2009

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship-Fourth Part

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez
Fourth Part

Transleted by

Brunhild Miriam Bertotto

As we have already repeated several times, the power of spiritual mediums has
always existed; the interchange between the spiritual and human domain is a
possibility which once was considered a fairly normal aspect of life, accepted
and valuated as something extremely natural and simple.
In the past century emerged the interest in observing and studying this aspect
which had gradually become more and more less simple, shrouded in mystery, and
complicated by difficulties, being an inevitable and reasonable consequence of
the development of new technologies.
However this is a positive fact: man is no longer satisfied of only believing,
man wants to know, to investigate, make this natural phenomena versatile to his
will, a phenomena which can involve at the same time man's personality as well
as his body.
Enormous progresses are contemporarily made in the fields of psychical research
and anatomy in human medicine, progresses made in parallel, but not tuned in.
We have to wait until the most recent decades of our century, when modern
medicine arrives, confirms and considers the global function of the human

Engines of this astonishing machinery: the brain, an organ as any other, however
being also the seat of consciousness, and the nervous system, which, through its
giant network, connects the brain to bowels and tissues.

Thus, modern medicine can't do anything else than consider psychical activities
in relation to somatic activities, one can't be considered without the other,
better said, you can never separate them.

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