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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship-Third Part

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez
Third Part

Transleted by

Brunhild Miriam Bertotto

What does all this mean? It signifies that
perturbations in this area of the nervous system
unleash unconscious reactions that cannot be controlled
or held back.
The arriving electric discharges excite the thalamus neurons, the thalamus sends
messages to the related neurons, and other special fibers put the cerebral base
in communication with the cerebral cortex.
Hence, through billions of nerves, the brain is connected even to the furthest
zones, and the entire organism is united and tuned in by means of an immense and
marvelous electro-chemical network. The continuous exchange of messages, between
the center of emotional pulsions and unconsciousness and the seat of
consciousness, which regulates, controls, balances and organizes, requires to be
in perfect equilibrium.
The disharmony, created by consciousness, between the essence of the individual
and his vehicles of expression, the profound and lingering emotional reactions
which create chaos in the whole organism, brain included, disturb the cortex by
impeding its function of "holding back" the emotivity, and irritate the
sympathetic nervous system, being now directly involved in provoking real
physical ailments.

By means of this very long preamble we invite readers, who never have made
intensive studies of human organism, providing them - even if this insight is
only given in a superficial and very general way- with some knowledge of human
organism and, above all, of the mechanisms which set in inside of this organism,
mechanisms which can be "educated" and which are susceptible to voluntary
Emotivity is the base of human life. An emotion is a reaction of the organism to
a certain situation; a strong emotion overwhelms the whole organism, brain
included, and upsets the consciousness (cerebral cortex), which is no longer
able to ply its control function. Repeated emotions, like rage and
aggressiveness, are the most dangerous.

When an emotion is unleashed and the organism reacts, many people, due to the
effect of a conditioned reflex (education, morality, convention) do not react,
force back the emotion, and store it, are no longer able to control and release
themselves, showing very strong, more and more uncontrollable reactions.
This is how internal conflicts and anxieties emerge, which are responsible of
almost all disorders of the sympathetic nervous system.
Many illnesses are caused by the irritation of the sympathetic nervous system
i.e. by profound emotions, having provoked this irritation.
As the sympathetic nervous system is considered to be the great master of the
human organism, the emotions are the main factors of its disequilibrium.

When (because of the continuous strain of uncontrolled emotivity, due to the
fact that the control function of the cerebral cortex is also in disorder) the
upper brain centers don't work, even reasoning and will don't work and the human
being loses his equilibrium and clear-mindedness.

And now, what meaning assumes all this towards the power of spiritual mediums
and its mechanisms?

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