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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship Part 8 of 35

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr.। Vasconcelos Perez
Part 8 of 35

Translated by

Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

Why it is so important and indispensible to form a well prepared group of
spiritual mediums and why it is an inextricable must to create the suitable
environmental working conditions.

In order to face the details of the themes regarding the power-mechanisms of
spiritual mediums in a profounder manner, we would like to impress once again on
your mind the affirmation that the faculties to become a spiritual medium are
not a gift only certain people possess ( and that make their lives
privileged, complicated or perturbed) , but it's a natural capacity, which
anybody, who is disposed to reach a certain level necessary for exercising this
work, can obtain.

Actually, because of these reasons, those capacities need a proper physical and
psychical knowledge and education; these faculties belong to the category of
conscious choices, an must be well meditated.

First of all we have to make clear what spiritualism foresees for a "group of
spiritual mediums": a gathering of heterogenic people who work together in
complete harmony of thought and connection of intents.

To form this working group certain elements are indispensable: these elements
are composed of a medium, a mesmerizer, whose task it is also to direct the
group, and various assistants who are conscious of constituting a circle, the
so-called chain of spiritual mediums, and who are disposed to take on the
responsibilities their role implies.

Usually, the determination of the various roles initially issues of the
experiences previous to the conscious formation of the very same group, and
might be modified the following time, on the basis of factors we are going to
talk about, until we reach an interchangeability of the same roles.

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