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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship-Second Part

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez
Second Part

Translated by

Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

The cell's protoplasm possesses a chemical dynamism causing depolarizing
electric discharges: thus, we are confronted with a nervous impulse which
propagates from one nervous element to another. The nerve centers redirect the
impulse in this or that direction, open a pathway and block another. Innumerous
nerves originate in the marrow and the encephalon, and they connect the nerve
centers to the sense organs (that's why human beings are linked to the external
world); the nerve centers control as well the function of all organic life,
triggering a magnificent mechanism in which the neurovegetative system or
sympathetic nervous system is considered to be the linchpin.
The sympathetic system is the main regulator of the organic balance, authorizes
the necessary adaptations to maintain life, cerebral activity, and reasoning;
the sympathetic nervous system is tied to the upper brain centers ( thalamic
centers) and is in straight contact with the endocrine system.
The thalamus area is some kind of a "midbrain", which has an immeasurable
nervous and endocrine complexity, and is the main regulator of the brain, in the
proper sense of the word: the whole neurovegetative system depends completely on
the midbrain or intermediate brain, and, consequently, the function of all
The thalamus area is in constant connection with another, extremely important
area of the nervous system, on which depends the superior psychism of a human
being, the so called seat of the consciousness, the will and the thoughts: the
cerebral cortex.
These two parts of the brain, one conscious, the other unconscious,
consecutively exchange messages.
The cerebral cortex guarantees the superior psychism, straightly cooperating
with the unconscious part of the brain. And if "morality" has an influence on
the physical part of a human being, this happens simply because there are
multiple nerve connections between the cerebral cortex, the thalamus, the
sympathetic nervous system and the bowels.

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