Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

You won’t understand life fulfilling your duty amidst people, but when you fulfill it in solitude.

You won’t understand life even having an exemplary demeanor in the eyes of others and being famous for it, but when you behave like this knowing that nobody will recognize it, not even you yourself.

You won’t understand life doing good and witnessing the effect of it, but when you do the good without expecting gratitude or knowing the fruits of your deeds.

You won’t understand life effectively and selflessly helping, but when doing so in spite of knowing your help won’t be noticed by anybody, not even by yourself.

You won’t understand life feeling responsible for everything your fellow men are doing, but when you maintain your sense of responsibility in sound condition even knowing to be the only human being left on earth.

You won’t understand life having conceived that all beings have the same rights as you, but when you treat the most humble being on earth as if it were the one who can make or break you.

You won’t understand life loving your fellow men, but when you thyself be your fellow men and LOVE.

Message from a spiritual being (spirit)
Through the medium
Roberto Setti M.D. – Circle 77, Florence

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