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Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship Part 10 of 35

Mechanisms of Spiritual Medium-Ship

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez

Part 10 of 35

Translated by

Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

The state of consciousness and the thoughts, instead, are considered with major perplexity, as something abstract and unreal; however there are neither certainties nor doubts about their existence.
The real, physical and visible world is the world in which man feels himself at ease and comfortable. The mind, the psyche seems to him a world full of mystery and magic.
It sounds paradox, but the psychical world, i.e. the mind, is the unique world man really experiences.
The experience of the physical world reaches the “universe called man” in an indirect way, by means of the nerves which inside the brain transform effects into sensations, ideas and thoughts. Man is sure that his thoughts exist, but it’s the only absolute certainty he has.
The internal mechanisms of man’s life are regulated by the mechanisms of mind, man’s vital energies are controlled by man’s internal laws: without knowing these laws and some kinds of natural energies, man lives like a castaway at the mercy of his own forces.

The mechanisms of mind are unknown and the most gloomy point (that’s why it is so important to clarify them); they are made of a biology whose laws are mainly unknown or must still be explored. And yet, a man who wants to discover the “mysteries” that control his energetic variations, can do it and can even achieve the faculty to consciously use them, hence improving first of all the quality of his own life.

As we all know, the basic structure inside our nervous system is a well organized and extremely complex network of nerve-cells, all interconnected with one another, whose peculiarity is represented by their capacity to contact one another and influence in many ways their reciprocal activities, thus creating a communication between the nerves by means of nervous impulses.

Nervous impulses are nothing else than electro-chemical signals which are able to pass from one nerve-cell to another; this physical mechanism operates as well inside the nervous tissue, allowing man to think.

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