Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

Never lose your courage.
Go on resisting for a while.
Concentrate in doing well.
Forget the destroying suggestions of fear.
Go ahead, yes; go even beyond the shadows of your faults.
Go ahead even when the teardrops are falling.
Work with endurance.
Construct endlessly.
Don’t allow the iciness of your delusions paralyze your heart.
Never get impressed by difficulties.
Convince yourself that spiritual victory is being built day by day.
Never lose patience.
Don’t think that you can realize anything without effort.
Don’t react to injuries.
Ignore wickedness.
Forgive offenses.
Remember that offenders are ill.
Don’t allow your deranged companions to destroy your work or to break your hope.
Don’t abhor the duty imposed by your consciousness.
Whenever you’ve committed an error while following your path, try to fix your way of seeing things, finding again the right path.
Don’t talk about your victories and neither talk about your failures.
Study and try to learn and understand what you’ve been learning.
Don’t react against anybody.
Don’t dramatize problems or difficult situations.
Love your neighbor and do him/her the best you can.
Try to help always.
Lend a helping hand without attaching you too much.
In this way, you’ll win.
An instructing spirit.

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