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SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man
Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perera

part 9 of 13

Translated by
Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

Actually, will gives in very easily to a certain fatigue not properly physical: the respiratory rhythm must follow precise orders to be constant so that sometimes will, "tired" or not exercised for this purpose , forgets to give, leaving space for a kind of dulling or drowsiness that favors a passive position.

This is not the case, for example, when another person gives the orders by replacing his/her will-force with that of the subject (as in the case of hypnosis). In this case passivity is prevented , a guided, consciously followed and accepted activity is induced which consequently is able to favor a good psycho-physical relaxation.

The solar plexus, in particular, which is sensitive to energetic and electromagnetic stimulus inside and outside of the soma, draws considerable benefits and mayor sensibilization from a good diaphragmatic breathing which, by increasing the proper respiratory ability, favors not only a good blood oxygenation but also physical relaxation thus slackening nervous and emotional tensions.

Consequently the energetic blocks at a plexus level are slacked which is very important for psycho-physical health in general, and the partly unleashed energies receive the necessary propulsive push to channel into distant networks.

At the same time, the regulatory functions regarding cardiac and respiratory rhythms, as well as blood pressure and the increase of secretion of endocrine glands are automatically stimulated because of the connections between this very important orthosympathetic nervous plexus and the vagal system (parasympathetic).

The important regulatory function of the whole vagal structure is inserted in a vast control system and linked to the hypothalamus in which its vegetative and endocrine functions are integrated, together with the emotional and affective influences of the limbic system. Such a center which constitutes a functional complex delegated to elaborate, integrate and control the emotional and instinctive behavior, as well as to a regulating function regarding emotional and affective life, and is considered by many scientists to be the anatomical seat of the unconscious.

Often in man being at an unconscious level so-called casual processes start which lead to emphasize or, to the contrary, to soothe disorders or tensions due to the setting free of certain endogenous (hormonal) substances which have a great influence on determining man’s psycho-physical equilibrium. We have mentioned in which way these substances are involved in many aspects of behavior. So, why not assume that mechanisms or processes bringing psycho-somatic benefits by involuntary random processes can be transformed into voluntary processes!

This will be the topic to be treated in our next article in order to lead our readers to the research and conquest of psycho-physical equilibrium, according to the relaxation techniques and processes of voluntary discharge indicated by the spiritistic school.

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