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Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will ,part 7 of 13

Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perera

part 7 of 13

Translated by

Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

What comes next is major control and major direction of the pure physical expression, the expression of the capacity to equilibrate oneself and to practice an equilibrated psychical activity, tuned-up to the physical body, but not inevitably biased by the latter. The mechanisms man can deliberately activate by acquiring constant daily life habits, useful to the best physical and mental activities, are based on the possibility to transform and direct deliberately properties regarding physiologic aspects considered more or less independent of the will.

By that we refer to respiration and relax which, beyond carrying out automatically their primary task - during the states of wakefulness and sleep as far as respiration is concerned, and mainly during sleep and rest in case of relax -both, respiration as well as relax may be used consciously in order to activate behaviors of channeling and directing energy as above said.

Only consciousness and conscious valuation of something like a living force which passes through its predisposed channels can give the certainty of using and directing that force in the best way.

According to our knowledge, the complex of energy moving processes, i.e. internal energies or energies found immediately at the exterior of the human body, has to be considered as a real particular metabolism, acting “upstream” to the authentic metabolic processes known and considered by traditional medicine. That metabolism acts in “downstream” for its own processes of electric, magnetic and intermolecular forces causing chain mutations and reactions which can affect the equilibrium of the entire human energetic system and also the psycho-neurophysiologic system.

Whilst the known metabolism is based on enzymatic reactions, and the action specifity of the enzymes is one of the bases of metabolic processes, the complex of energy moving processes unleashes reactions at the neuro-endocrine level, hence influencing the production of substances like hormones.

It is well-known that the disequilibrium, being the consequence of these reactions, implies considerable alterations and, above all, alterations of behavior. The latter are now subject of studies made by a new science which is slowly moving forward studying the correlations between psyche and soma: this science is called psycho-neurophysiology.

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