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Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will part 6 of 13

SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man

Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perera

part 6 of 13

Translated by
Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

As we mentioned in the previous article, man produces uncontrolled energies, unleashed by emotional states while facing the daily minor or major problems of life.

Man, to whom these energetic movements are unknown, isn’t aware of the physical and psychical consequences he will suffer from them, hence he doesn’t do anything in order to have an auto- controlled behavior which could avoid these energetic movements and to regulate his innate energetic discharges.

Those potential physical and mental capacities, when used correctly by his same will, can help man to retrieve and maintain the psycho-physical equilibrium nature has predisposed to him.

This century which soon is coming to its end has been characterized by so many troubles which have challenged even the most proven values, they have favored, and still favor, a kind of escape from one’s own best qualities, they favor disharmony of all human functions and potentialities, the exclusion of the will, which no longer remains inside its limits, i.e. to be only a tool, and furthermore the will is often suffocated by emotionality, and the realization of the person herself, which might be through moderating selfishness and egoisms and the most personal pulsations, rooted and immobile blockages, aiming to reach at the end a gradual harmonization with the will of anybody.

In order to personally realize a healthy and equilibrated physical and psychical activity, to be able to moderate our innate egoism, to keep the penetration of emotive contributions and implications under control and to gradually reach a harmonization of our own personality, we do depend on the consciousness to use, properly or improperly, our will power.

The discovery of will inside man, and even more the consciousness that the “self” deep inside of us and the will are intimately linked to each other, may constitute a real boost to change radically the attitude towards ourselves, the others and the world.
Logically, and as matter of priority, let us see, as far as we ourselves are concerned, in what way we can change the attitude towards ourselves and make us modify our rooted, hammered in and since childhood acquired behaviors and habits.

The first correct attitude towards oneself is to be open and disposed, without any hesitation - accepting the latter terminus in its true an right meaning - and to know one’s own self profoundly.

Above all, we must know profoundly the mechanism (often believed to be inevitable and that they can’t be stopped) of mental processes, conscious and unconscious reactions, the following unleashed chain-reaction of nervous processes, processes which are to be attributed to the central nervous system, hence partially controllable, or to the neurovegetative system, therefore incontrollable and very difficult to identify.

Capacity and faculty of developing perception and will energy are peculiar characteristics of man and can be to him of great and worthy help in order to manage his own life and also in order to use them in favor of the environment surrounding him.

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