Samstag, 15. August 2009

SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man
Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez

3rd part

Translated by
Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

Man’s mind fell prey to instinctive emotions, to innumerous impulses on positive emotions not yet analyzed, he pays attention, shows interest and often nourishes ambivalent emotions, hence creating a disadvantage to respect, love, availability for truth and righteousness, to the values of happiness and harmony in life: as everything emerges from the mind i.e. the way emotions induce man how to see things, he can change his own life by changing the emotions that inspire his ideas and getting habituated to let emotions flow positively thus achieving an enormous complex of positive energy.

Everything that has traced and traces profoundly life and the history of humanity: the Crusades, revolutions, fanaticism or extreme sacrifices, constructions and destructions, peace and wars, all those phenomena and occurrences have taken and take their power from ideas inspired by strong emotions.

The same occurs inside every single, average person: from the mind emerge innumerous impulses. It’s up to man himself to analyze his own affective energy on emotions that emerge from rationality, i.e. from a harmonic relation to nature and its laws.

In that way, the spiritual, very generous and stimulate personality, possesses the potentiality to guide man on a path of life which is in accordance with his nature and aware of the fundamental values of humanity; he won’t be subject to life conditions in which materiality prevails, and where body and mind compress and harm themselves vice versa; he can emerge and send his messages to an open and available mind.

How can we discover the providential mechanisms nature has foreseen and realized for us, all the capacities which are basically necessary to gain a physical and psychical equilibrium?

Spiritism suggests - to deepen our knowledge of man himself and his behaviors, to correct and modify a life-style which since childhood has been drummed into him and passively accepted, by letting emerge attributes which reason and unconscious, instinctive calculation often suffocated by favorizing instead the nutrition of agitation as far as the mental processes are concerned.

Here we are back again at the basic argument regarding mental calmness and the capacity of directing and controlling the production of thoughts.

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