Samstag, 15. August 2009

SPIRITISM: Studies and Researches on Man
Psycho-Physical Equilibrium and Will

Dr. Vasconcelos Perez

1st part

Translated by
Brunhilde Miriam Bertotto

By means of this new series of articles regarding the results of many studies we would like to contemplate, yet without digressing the subject of spiritistic science, the possible connection between the material world and the spirit’s world, considering all possible aspects: of the human being itself and the exterior of the human being.

We have already mentioned several times the subject of studying spiritism, which we are now going to reaffirm: it is the human being, man in his entirety, his whole material body together with his spiritual personality, who is able to carry on an activity whether under less favorable psychical conditions due to the strong connections to the physical body, or, under casual, voluntary (and temporary) spiritual conditions, partially freed from those connections, i.e. having finally liberated the spirit, by being totally released of materia and conscious of his condition.
Spiritism studies and considers even intermediate situations, among these there are three conditions more defined and spiritism evaluates the problematicalness of these conditions and suggests us remedies.

Actually, regarding men, there are considerable differences of mental behaviors and expressions which determine the capacity and possibility of letting emerge those attributes of the same spirit, attributes that help us so much on our way through life and even further.
We intend to talk about the willpower, the capacity to combat egoism, and to be open and helpful towards the same akin fellow creatures, and we want to talk about the innate possibility to carry on a psycho-equilibrated activity tuned in, but not depending on, the physical.
Initially the spiritistic science stimulates us to observe our own ways of behavior and those of other people in context of the social milieu in which man is fitted. Milieus man himself, during the course of the centuries, determined and influenced according to his own mental opening and his capacity to look forward.
The social and economic progress brought to man material and cultural improvements of which he certainly cannot and must not regress.
However, the environment or milieu in which man lives is susceptible to further new improvements regarding a flow of needs to which man himself cannot renounce, but must try to adapt these needs to the natural laws in accordance with human life.
The control of this suitable environment on a human scale, as they nowadays say, is progress, is man’s own partial conquest of an established but not pre-established equilibrium.

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